The Terror Attacks in Paris



In a different way from the German so-called quality media, in the „Asia Times“ there was immediate and quite direct talk about the political backdrops of this terror. This took the form of many comments by readers.

There is no lack of explicitness in mentioning the entanglements of Western governments, among them especially the French one, too, with the gangs of terror which in Libya, Syria etc. were put into service for the international interests of those governments, were armed and organized.

The position of the French bourgeoisie, though, is in fact a contradictory one, it cannot be analyzed easily. Elsewhere, as in the Mali case, there are confrontations with such gangs – if they threaten to disturb what is considered to be one’s own realm of domination. And one is haunted by terrorism in one’s own country, if one dares to push international interests of one’s own, say versus the USA, which collide with theirs.

To put it in a short formula: the so-called Islamist terrorism was made acceptable, organized and directed first namely by the US in the war in Afghanistan against the erstwhile Soviet Union (from 1979 on), in collusion with Saudi-Arabia, Pakistan and others gems of Islamism. Later on, it became useful for many other purposes. It served, for instance, against the Russian domination in the Caucasus; in Libya and Syria it was given a free fire zone by the US in a coalition with France, Great Britain and to a certain degree, alas, also Germany, under the scenario of fighting the so-called axis of evil, that is the interests of Russia, Iran, the Hizbollah and the Assad regime. Today it has become a kind of standard weapon of the degenerated Western bourgeoisies in their international rivalries with other powers and among themselves, but also in their domestic schemings against the own populations. The US did already act out this very distinctly since 9-11. We may be curious about how France and the EU will try to put the newest developments into the services of their inner regime.

It can be taken for granted that there has been formed an international reservoir of some ten thousands of Islamist and/or just criminal and sadistic cut-throats during the past years. The act as international gangs, sell themselves to any powers and commit crimes in their services. The media are functioning as propagandistic amplifiers, as it was acted out in an exemplary way in the case of “Charlie Hebdo” shortly ago.

The religious and power-political interests of such Islamic dens of money and dirt, as Saudi-Arabia or Qatar (it would be too much honor to call them states), form a source of its own for terrorist activities. Their fanatical opposition against more civilized forms of society, namely of the West, should not be underestimated. (The so-called IS apparently has tight connections to the aforesaids, to factions within Iraq, to Turkey etc. In any case, however, in spite of all the smoke discharging in the media, connections to the US must be assumed, too.)

Besides, the catastrophical social conditions of many poor countries with a Muslim dominance or component, as well as the conditions of lower classes in the metropoles,  are a never ending source of instigation of young disadvantaged people by Muslim clerics. But if ruling circles of Western countries were not instrumentalizing the phenomenon of terrorist Islamism, the phenomenon could never have attained the, meanwhile, horrifying dimensions.

Those connections must be put into the center of any research and discussion of the threat.

This contradiction: Western governments putting the anti-civilization fanaticism, above all of Islamism, secretly into their service and thus becoming, at least indirectly, responsible for extreme crimes also against their own populations, is founded in the social contradictions of Western capitalism and global capitalism in general, in the class contradiction in the final analysis.

As such atrocities as in Paris will surely happen in Germany as well, the discussion should not be restricted by false restraints. Merkel’s policy, too, responsible for the influx of thousands of candidates of djihadism and the loss of any police control, has to be subjected to critical discussion.

NB: If „Asia Times“ is giving way so lavishly to the denomination of Western governments as co-responsibles for the terror, this has to do with its own international liaisons and responsibilities. This Hongkong-based organ serves the interests of the new Chinese bourgeoisie. You can recognize this, for example, by the fashion it never raises substantial criticisms, only marginal ones, against the Chinese capitalist regime, whereas its strong sides and its good will are stressed constantly. The policies of the US, Japan, India etc. on the other hand are frequently criticized sharply, insofar as they do not comply well with the interests of spreading Chinas’s power internationally. Especially, the so- called “Eurasia” strategy of the Chinese, and to some degree presently also of the Russian regime, are constantly propagated by “Asia Times”. In this vein, “Asia Times” is also pressing for the Western Syria-policy being corrected – and giving not unfavorable comments if the Saudi regime begins to flirt with Russia and China. …


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